What can we do for you?
We provide the highest quality auditing, consulting, training, and software to help you accomplish your objectives.

  • WQS Internal Audits | 1st Party Audits

    Internal Audits

    Internal audits performed by WQS will assist in keeping your quality system compliant to your certified industry standard.

  • WQS External Audits | 2nd Party Audits

    Vendor / Supplier Audits

    We continue the assistance in keeping your quality system compliant executing these audits on behalf of the customer - to the supplier.

  • WQS Auditor Training

    Auditor Training

    We design and offer training packages from any relative topics you request. Submit your topics through our contact page.

  • WQS Consutling

    WQS Consulting

    We achieve company objectives towards their industry certification, which has made us a leader in the quality industry.

  • WQS Audit Program Compliant to ISO 19011:2011

    Audit Program Compliant to ISO 19011:2011

    Design an audit system that your internal auditors can use.

  • WQS Quality Management System Implementation

    Quality Management System Implementation

    We design a quality system that is cost effective and efficient.

  • WQS | QT9™ QMS Quality Management Software

    QT9™ QMS Quality Management Software

    "User Friendly" ISO Management Software that ensures you pass registration, subsequent surveillance audits, and internal audits.

Combined Elements

ACT/S WQS Internal Audits | 1st Party Audits WQS External Audits | 2nd Party Audits WQS Consutling WQS Auditor Training WQS | QT9 QMS Quality Management Software
As you know, there is no solution like an ACT/S solution. Yup, we said it. You best believe, it is the power of synergized services. It has our clients relieved with managing, training, and maintaining their industry certifications.
But did you know, ACT/S is a superior program ( learn more here ).

Proven Greatness

The greatest benefit of auditing is to promote accountability. Whether or not striving for your industry certification, you can hold your company accountable for the procedures and processes implemented.

WQS provides the greatest agent of continuous improvement through performed audits that will keep your quality system compliant.

Our Philosophy

The relationship between you and auditor is important. That is why we give a quality audit and include feedback for improvement.

There are many benefits to controlling your processes and monitoring/measuring them. Discover how you can do this by contacting World Quality Systems.

We make the auditing experience an enjoyable one!

WQS - World Quality Systems Consulting | Auditing and Training | We Guarantee Your ISO Certification

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